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Bishop T.D. Jakes is one of the most highly regarded Christian leaders in the world. He lead a very small church when he first began in ministry over twenty years ago but now his Potter's House Church is one of the largest in the World making impacts way beyond the USA including through popular TV programmes. He can be found narrating and introducing songs on the albums although he co-performs with Kirk Franklin on his '911' track on Franklin's outstanding 'The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin' album. The superb Potter's House choir comprises of 130 voices. Bishop Jakes was inducted into the International Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2009.


Woman Thou Art Loosed 'Woman Thou Art Loosed!' (1996) Integrity / Word / Epic 67931 / Sony.
Includes songs sung by Juanita Bynum, Vickie Winans, Betty Nelson and Shirley Caesar.
1. Woman, Thou Art Loosed! 2. I Worship You Almighty (Juanita Bynum). 3. Introduction. 4. Worship Medley: Sanctuary. 5. Worship Medley: Give Thanks. 6. Introduction. 7. Medley: What A Mighty God We Serve Chorale (featuring Vickie Winans). 8. Medley: What A Mighty God We Serve ((featuring Vickie Winans). 9. Introduction. 10. I'm Your First Husband ((featuring Betty Nelson). 11. Introduction. 12. Taking It Back ((featuring Shirley Caesar). 13. Introduction. 14. Mercy Saw Me ((featuring Brenda Ellis). 15. Introduction. 16. Come To Me ((featuring Linda Williams). 17. Introduction. 18. Woman, Thou Art Loosed! ((featuring Sheryl Brady & Vickie Winans). 19. Woman, Thou Art Loosed! (Radio Single) ((featuring Sheryl Brady & Vickie Winans).
T.D. Jakes Live From The Potter's House With The Potter's House Mass Choir 'T.D. Jakes Live From The Potter's House With The Potter's House Mass Choir' (1998) Integrity Gospel 13192 / Sony 750599 BMG.
This album was highlighted by Billboard Magazine alongside 'Sacred Love Songs' as one of the top gospel albums of 1999. All of the album is excellent but my personal favourite tracks are 'This Test Is Your Storm' lead by Delores Ford-Coleman, #39;Majesty' and a beautiful variation of the well known song 'When I Look Into Your Holiness' lead by LaShonda Watson.
1. Majesty. 2. Lord My God. 3. Let's Just Praise The Lord. 4. Let's Give Him Praise. 5. When I Look Into Your Holiness (lead by LaShonda Watson). 6. High In All The Earth (featuring Daphanie Wright). 7. This Test Is Your Storm (lead by Delores Ford-Coleman). 8. He'll Meet My Need. 9. His Presence Is Here. 10. It Shall Be Done.
Bishop T.D. Jakes Presents Sacred Love Songs 'Bishop T.D. Jakes Presents Sacred Love Songs' (1999) Island Balck Music 314-524 630-2 / Chordant Distribution Group
This gold selling album features with Shirley Murdock on 'The lady, her lover and Lord' and 'You are my ministry', Marvin Sapp on 'Satin sheets', Jessie Campbell, and others.
1. He Teaches Me To Love (Passage Of Reading. 2. The Lady, Her Lover And Lord (Shirley Murdock). 3. You Are My Ministry (Shirley Murdock). 4. Holding You Close (Spencer Washington). 5. Shopping (Interlude) (T D Jakes). 6. Satin Sheets (Marvin Sapp). 7. When God Gave Me You (Jesse Campbell). 8. Now I Only Dance For You (Tamar Braxton). 9. From Mother To Daughter (Terri Small). 10. Lord I Lift Her Up To You (Jesse Campbell). 11. Pillow Talk (Interlude). 12. Usher Me (Arnetta Murrill-Crooms). 13. Talitha Cumi.
The Best of T.D. Jakes 'Get Ready: The Best of T.D. Jakes's House' (2000) Fairhope Records / Integrity 40822
1. Let's Give Him Praise. 2. What a Mighty God We Serve Chorale (featuring Vickie Winans). 3. What a Mighty God We Serve featuring (featuring Vickie Winans). 4. Majesty. 5. Mercy Saw Me (Brenda Ellis).6. I Worship You Almighty (featuring Juanita Bynum).7. Sanctuary. 8. Give Thanks. 9. When I Look into Your Holiness #40;featuring LaShonda Watson). 10. High in All the Earth (featuring Daphanie Wright).
Bishop T.D. Jakes and The Potter's House Mass Choir: The Storm Is Over 'Bishop T.D. Jakes and The Potter's House Mass Choir: The Storm Is Over' (2001) Dexterity / EMI Gospel EGD0303 / Chordant Distribution Group.
This CD was recorded live from the Potter's House Sanctuary and features Donnie McClurkin on 'Let you glory fill this place' and Shirley Murdoch on 'Born Again to Win'. 'Marvelous' was written by Myron Butler and Ted Winn.
1. Lord Of All. 2. Bless the Lord. 3. The Storm Is Over Now (featuring D'Atra Hicks and Rodney Boyden). 4. When My Season Comes (featuring Myron Williams). 5. Let Your Glory Fill This Place (featuring Donnie McClurkin). 6. Thou Art My Help. 7. Trust And Obey. 8. The Devil's Already Defeated. 9. Marvelous (featuring Beverly Crawford). 10. Born Again To Win (featuring Shirley Murdoch).
Bishop T.D. Jakes Presents Woman Thou Art Loosed Worship 2002 - Run To The  
Water...The River Within 'Bishop T.D. Jakes Presents Woman Thou Art Loosed Worship 2002 Run To The Water... The River Within' (2002) Dexterity / EMI Gospel EGD 20334 / Chordant Distribution Group.
This album received a Dove Award and was nominated for a Grammy. It features Darwin Hobbs on 'Praise the Lord with me', Shirley Murdock on 'Lord I lift your name on high', Steve Lawrence & LeJuene Thompson on 'Be glorified' and Judith McAllister on 'Oh give thanks'.
1. Praise the Lord with Me (Bless the Lord with Me) (featuring Darwin Hobbs). 2. Holy, Holy, Holy (featuring Jimmie Thomas). 3. Your Majesty (featuring Steve Lawrence). 4. Sermonette, Pt. 1: God Loves a Worshiper. 5. Lord, I Lift Your Name on High (featuring Shirley Murdoch). 6. I Honor You (featuring Lady "Joy" Hill). 7. Sermonette, Pt. 2: Real Worship. 8. Be Glorified (featuring Steve Lawrence & LeJuene Thompson). 9. Oh Thou Most High (I Will Sing Praises) (featuring Lady "Joy" Hill).10. Release Your Power (featuring Jimmie Thomas). 11. Sermonette, Pt. 3: the Mind Is the Battleground. 12. Oh Give Thanks (featuring Judith McAllister). 13. Blessing, Glory and Honor.14. Amazing Grace.
Bishop T.D. Jakes Presents God's Leading Ladies: Out of the Shadows Into the Light 'Bishop T.D. Jakes Presents God's Leading Ladies: Out of the Shadows Into the Light' (2002) Chordant Distribution Group/EMI Gospel EGD 20385
This album is an amazing collection of some of the best female gospel singers including Helen Baylor, Shirley Murdoch, Patti Labelle, Dottie Peoples, Kelly Price, Karen Clark-Sheard, Angie, Debbie, Mom and Vickie Winans. It reached number 1 in the Billboard Gospel Albums Chart in December 2002. Stand-out tracks for me are Kelly Price and Shirley Murdoch on 'The Curtain's Raised', Ann Nesby on 'You Always Cared', the Winans women together singing 'Praying Women' and the inspiring 'Call' sung by Janna Lang.
1. Always There (Patti LaBelle ). 2. The Curtain's Raised (featuring Kelly Price, and Shirley Murdoch). 3. Rolling Stone (Out Of Eden). 4. Mary Magdelenes Story (T.D. Jakes). 5. You Always Cared (featuring Ann Nesby. 6. Fatal Attraction (Karen Clark-Sheard). 7. Finally (Helen Baylor). 8. Praying Women ( The Winans Women : Angie, Debbie, Mom & Vickie Winans). 9. That's the Way (God Planned It) (Stacie Orrico). 10. Call (Janna Lang). 11. Closing In. (Dottie Peoples). 12. The Bishop's Prayer (T.D. Jakes).
Bishop T.D. Jakes and The Potter's House Mass choir - A Wing And A Prayer 'Bishop T.D. Jakes and The Potter's House Mass choir: A Wing And A Prayer' (2003) Chordant Distribution Group
This album won a Grammy in 2003 for the Best Gospel Choir Or Chorus Album.
1. The Lord's Prayer (featuring Lady Joy Hill). 2. My Life Is Available To You (featuring Darwin Hobbs). 3. God Be Praised. 4. A Path In the Sea (featuring Tommye Young-West). 5. Manifest (featuring Brenda Whitfield-Ellis). 6. Jesus, You Are My Everything (featuring Myron Williams). 7. Send Me To the Nations (featuring Israel Houghton). 8. Not By Power (featuring Jesse Campbell). 9. His Mercy Endureth. 10. It's Already Done. 11. On a Wing & a Prayer (featuring Andretta Randle).
Follow The Star 'Follow the Star!' (2003)
A Christmas album feraturing songs from various gospel singers including: Angie Winans on 'Away In a Manger' ; and Dorinda Clark-Cole on 'Follow the Star'. Sheri Jones-Moffet, Darwin Hobbs and Beverly Crawford assist on background vocals while Kirk Whalum appears on sax. This album was nominated for the 2004 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album.
1. Follow the Star (featuring Dorinda Clark-Cole). 2. Joy To the World (featuring Beverly Crawford). 3. Go Tell It (featuring Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers with Sheri Jones-Moffet). 4. Gift Of Love (featuring Mary Mary). 5. O Holy Night (featuring Smokie Norful). 6. Silent Night (Noche de Paz) (featuring El Trio De Hoy). 7. Away In a Manger (featuring Kirk Whalum and Angie Winans 8. O Come All Ye Faithful (featuring Darwin Hobbs). 9. Born In Bethlehem (featuring Mavis Staples & The Blind Boys of Alabama). 10. The First Noel (featuring Aaron Neville). 11. From Our House, To Your House (featuring Kirk Whalum). 12. O, Little Town Of Bethlehem (featuring The Katinas). 13. 3 Wise Men Medley: What Child Is This / Hallelujah to the King / Angels We Have Heard On High (Thomas Young) (featuring Cook, Dixon & Young).
Bishop T.D. Jakes Presents The Gift That Remains 'Bishop T.D. Jakes Presents The Gift That Remains' (2008) Rhino Records
Features Brian McNight 'The First Noel', Debbie Winans 'Grown up Christmas List', Mary Mary 'The Gift Of Love' CeCe Winans with Johnny Mathis and the London Symphony Orchestra on 'O Little Town of Bethlehem', Kirk Whalum on 'Angel's Medley', BeBe Winans on 'Joy To The World', Pattie LaBelle and Sheri Jones-Moffet 'The Gift Remains' and Angel Chisolm.
1. Intro. 2. First Noel (featuring Brian McNight). 3. Joy to the World (featuring BeBe Winans). 4. Grown-Up Christmas List (featuring Debbie Winans). 5. The Gift That Remains (featuring Pattie LaBelle and Sheri Jones-Moffet). 6. Angel's Medley (featuring Kirk Whalum). 7. Bishop's Empowering Christmas Moment, Pt. 1. 8. O Little Town of Bethlehem (featuring CeCe Winans with Johnny Mathis and the London Symphony Orchestra). 9. Hark the Herald Angels Sing. 10. Bishop's Empowering Christmas Moment, Pt. 2. 11. Gift of Love (featuring Mary Mary). 12. O Come All Ye Faithful. 13. What Child Is This.
T.D. Jakes Praise & Worship 'T.D. Jakes Praise & Worship' (2008) Integrity/Legacy
A compilation album of previous songs.
1. Introduction. 2. Medley: What A Mighty God We Serve Chorale (Vickie Winans). 3. Medley: What A Mighty God We Serve (Vickie Winans). 4. High in All the Earth (featuring Daphanie Wright). 5. Majesty. 6. Introduction. 7. Worship Medley: Sanctuary. 8. Worship Medley: Give Thanks. 9. Mercy Saw Me (Brenda Ellis).10. Let's Just Praise the Lord. 11. Let's Give Him Praise. 12. His Presence Is Here. 13. I Worship You Almighty (Juanita Bynum). 14. When I Look into Your Holiness (lead by LaShonda Watson).
He-Motions 'He-Motions' (2004) EMI Gospel EGD / Chordant 77796.
This album features Michael O'Brien and Micah Stampley on 'Brothers & Friends', Kirk Franklin on 'Emotional - New Breed', Bishop Paul Morton on 'It doesn't matter', Donnie McClurkin on 'King inside of you', Israel Houghton on 'Where are the fathers', Da'Dra Crawford on 'Thanks for staying' and Smokie Norful on 'It's all about you'.
He-Motions Intro. 1. Brothers & Friends (featuring Michael O'Brien and Micah Stampley. 2. Emotional (featuring Kirk Franklin. 3. It Doesn't Matter (featuring Bishop Paul Morton. 4. King Inside of Me (featuring Donnie McClurkin. 5. Take My Life (Micah Stampley). 6. Chapter 7: Inspired by the He-Motions Book. 7. Where Are the Fathers (featuring Israel Houghton. 8. Thanks for Staying (featuring Da'Dra Crawford. 9. Yes (featuring Micah Stampley).10. Beautiful (featuring Hallerin Hill). 11. It's All About You (featuring Smokie Norful. 12. Narration: It Doesn't Matter.
Bishop T.D. Jakes & the Potter's House Mass Choir: Grace - The Kenya Experience, - Live in Kenya 'Bishop T.D. Jakes & the Potter's House Mass Choir: Grace - The Kenya Experience, - Live in Kenya' (2004) Dexterity / Rhino R2103420.
A live album.
1. Celebrate (with Deonis Cook) 2. Sound of Praise (with Steve Lawrence) 3. Grace (with Bishop T.D. Jakes) 4. King of Kings (with Myron Williams) 5. Magnify the Lord with Me (with Arthur Dyer) 6. You Alone. 7. Praise Is My Weapon (with Brenda Whitfield-Ellis) 8. Say Yes (with Patron Thomas / Alisa Alexander) 9. He Does All Things Well (with Candy West) 10. I Was Made to Worship You (with Steve Lawrence) 11. Bishop's Sermonette. 12. Water in the Well (with Lady Joy Hill)
 Bishop T.D. Jakes Presents Sacred Love Songs II 'Bishop T.D. Jakes Presents Sacred Love Songs II' (2011) Dexterity Sounds and Universal Music Christian Group
This album is a compilation of twelve tracks inspired by the Bishop Jakes' movie 'Jumping the Broom'.
Popular gospel artists are featured including: Micah Stampley on 'Back At One'; Karen Clark Sheard and Kirk Whalum on 'Inseparable'; Fred Hammond on 'My Lady And Myself'; Bishop Paul Morton on 'Finally'; BET's Sunday Best winner Crystal Aikin on 'Just Take My Heart'; and Ledisi on 'Let's Stay Together';.
Also featured are: Anaysha Figueroa singing Kirk Franklin's song 'Love'; 80's soul singer El Debarge on 'How Can You Love Me'; and Terry Thomas on 'Don't Go To Bed Mad'.
1. Vow... (with Bishop T. D. Jakes). 2. Let's Stay Together (with Ledisi). 3. Back At One (with Micah Stampley). 4. Take My Heart (with Crystal Aikin). 5. Closer (with JOE). 6. Homily... (with Bishop T. D. Jakes). 7. Inseparable (with Karen Clark Sheard and Kirk Whalum). 8. My Lady And Myself (with Fred Hammond). 9. Love (with Anaysha Figueroa and Bishop T. D. Jakes). 10. Finally (with Bishop Paul Morton). 11. How Can You Love Me (with DeBarge). 12. Don't Go to Bed Mad (with Terry Thomas).

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